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New Speech and Language drop in service09/02/2016

Thumb 10 ways a speech language pathologist can help your child

Are you worried about your child's Speech and Language?

Centre 404, in partnership with Afasic, is now offering a free information and advice service for parents of children who have difficulties talking and understanding language:

  • Speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Concerns about your child not learning to talk properly
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Getting a diagnosis
  • Choosing a school or nursery
  • Getting help at school or nursery
  • Your legal rights under the SEN/ASN and Disability Discrimination frameworks
  • EHC Plans, Statements and Co-ordinated Support Plans
  • Disability benefits
  • Anything else relating to speech, language and communication needs

First Friday of every month starting in March 10:00 to 12:30

For more information call Beatriz on 02076971325 or email beatriz@centre404.org.uk

404 Joins Instagram! 25/01/2016

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Centre 404 has joined Instagram! The photo sharing account will be run by service users. Check out our first posts from last Thursday’s garden group volunteers.  



Centre 404 takes on the charts! 02/12/2015

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The music group at Centre 404 have been coming along in leaps and bounds this year; they have performed their first public gig at Oxjam, they were the highlight of Centre 404’s AGM summer party and are now moving onto the next step - recording a Christmas single.

The group has been working on the song over the last couple of months, writing the lyrics and putting the music together themselves with staff there to offer guidance when needed.

They aim to get their song ready for sale for this Christmas. Funds raised from the CD go back into supporting Centre 404 children’s projects.

So watch this space and keep your eye on the UK top 40 - you never know who might be popping up! The CD should be available to buy at Centre 404 later this week...

The Music Group meet every Wednesday, 5.30 - 7pm

City & Islington's Volunteer of the Month02/12/2015

Thumb matthew m feature candi

Matthew used to attend Centre 404's clubs. Now he's older, he volunteers with our Siblings and Juniors clubs! Matthew's dedication and focus has earnt him the Volunteer of the Month title at his college, City & Islington. We've got the full article here:

Volunteer of the month: Matthew King-Moir (CBAT)
Q: What I am most interested in is the fact that you have re-turned to a club you went to as a kid to now volunteer to work on sessions twice a week. How did that happen?

I went to Centre 404. My Mum has taught me to be grateful for all the opportunities I have had and that all 16+ know how little one’s feel and at a place like Centre 404, I thought I could really help. So I volunteered. Q: How did it feel being a worker rather that a service user? It makes me happy to be able to stay on at the club, and I enjoy being help-ful with the kids. If I train I might get some work doing this one day.

Q: What time do you start and what time do you finish?

On Monday’s I work from 3pm—8pm and on Tuesdays 3pm-7pm. I do the pick up, the session and the drop off.

Q: You were head boy at your school Samuel Rhodes. Was it hard being a new student again when you came to college?

No it’s fine, I am still with people I knew from school.

Q: What are your plans for Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016?

My family and I are going to my brother’s house on the coast, we will be spending that time with him and his children, all our family.

Katy Anderson (assistant manager for clubs at Centre 404) said: ‘Matthew chipped in to help with everything that was asked of him, helping the kids in the kitchen with cooking a meal and getting stuck in with the arts and crafts sessions. He even stayed behind at the end to help with the tidying up! He got on very well with the staff team and the kids loved him!’  

Linda McEnhill Award Presentation 30/11/2015

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Last year a partnership between Centre 404, Islington, EliPSe, Camden Palliative Care Team and the Willson Family, won the Linda McEnhill Award for outstanding end of life care of Victoria Willson, a much-loved member of Centre 404.

Given by the National Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities Network, The Linda McEnhill award is given out once a year. Centre 404’s chair, Jean Willson, was part of her daughter Victoria’s team, and is now a judge on the panel and member of PCLD’s steering group.

This year Jean passed the award on to St Anne’s Community Services, at a conference focused on family carers. As part of the ceremony, she gave a presentation about the methodology used by Victoria’s team, and examples of how closely the team worked together.  

Learning and Leisure Feedback30/11/2015

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At the end of the summer term lots of the young people that use our regular groups gave feedback about why they come each week:

• Most people said that their main reasons for coming to their group was to see friends, have fun and keep busy

• Everyone that completed a form said that coming to the group made them feel happier

• 70% said that coming to the group helped them to feel more relaxed

This is really pleasing in relation to what is known about quality of life for local young people:

• 34.5% of children live in low income families (Islington CCG)

• 36% of children and young people in Camden live in poverty (All Together Better project)

The links between poverty and poor mental health and well-being are well documented, so it’s good to know that so many young people who use our services tell us that their well-being is improved as a result. Physical activity is good for well-being too, and Centre 404’syoungest members have told us they enjoy the opportunities we provide to try more sports.

This term, our groups have been trying inclusive cycling with Wheels for Well-Being and Bikeworks; learning circus skills with Jackson’s Lane; improving their tennis skills at Islington Tennis Centre; dancing at Islington Arts Factory as well as enjoying swimming and bowling. Inspired by this year’s World Cup, we’re looking forward to trying some inclusive rugby with the help of Access Sport later in the term!

UKIED Award05/10/2015

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We chose to apply for the UK Investing in Equality and Diversity (UKIED) quality mark because we are passionately committed to fairness and equality of opportunity for all staff, service users and volunteers.As research increasingly shows, a diverse organisation is also more effective at meeting its charitable objectives. We were very pleased to be awarded the mark again this year. It recognises good practice and checks the following:

• Staff and service users are sensitive to and aware of equality issues
• People know where to go with problems
• Equality and diversity is promoted and managed
• Good quality policies, procedures and checks are in place


Day Service Partners05/10/2015

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The Day Service worked several organisations this summer. They included The Challenge, a national charity which aims for young people to grow up in a country where everyone is accepted and valued. They brought a group of young volunteers to run a series of activities for us, including an awesome sports session! 

Another group we owe a lot to is The Kindness Offensive, which is based just up the road from Centre 404. They rely
on a huge volunteer network to perform random, large acts of kindness up and down the UK - for example, giving out Christmas presents or posting handmade cards to strangers. They have let us use their beautiful headquarters as
our Tuesday afternoon hideout for several months. In return we do what we can – from helping them with their garden
to simply lending them our lawnmower. We are true partners with The Kindness Offensive and hope to remain friends with them for a long time!

New play structure05/10/2015

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A new play structure will be built in memory of Victoria Willson and Lisa Davis, two long standing supported housing tenants and much loved members of Centre 404. In partnership with Centre 404, their families took time to consider the options and this year decided that a play/sensory structure for children and adults would be a fitting tribute. 

Centre 404 Chair Jean Willson has been leading on local fundraising. We would like to say a big thank you to Jean and her family for all their fundraising and planning, and to all those who donated in memory of Victoria and Lisa.

We are really pleased to say that so far we have raised over £8,000. Look out for updates on our fundraising target on our website, Twitter and Facebook.