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Frequently asked questions

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  • Do Centre 404’s Clubs and groups have a waiting time?
  • For some clubs there is a wait and the information recorded at the referral stage is imputed on a waiting list database, and families are then contacting when a space becomes available. Some clubs are drop in’s and when the membership forms have been completed they are able to start when they wish.

  • Do Centre 404’s groups provide transport?
  • Yes some clubs do have a Transport services these include: The Siblings Group, the Juniors Group, the Happy Tuesday’s group, The Men’s Group, The Aiming High group, the Youth Club, the Young Adults Group, The Friday night Disco and the Stages Group.

    The Friday night Disco has a transport service but is also a drop in club and anyone that is able to travel to and from the group independently or with support is able to join the Disco straight away.

    The Saturday Social and the Saturday Sports groups are both drop-in club’s and there is no transport service to get to and from the group.

  • How do I join a Centre 404 club? How do I support my child to join?
  • An initial referral form is completed either by the family, the potential member or a relevant profession this information is imputed onto our database. For some clubs there is a wait but for others people are able to start straight away, such as our Friday night, our Saturday Social group and our Saturday Sports group. Before anyone starts a Centre 404 club for the first time they need to complete and return our accessible membership form.

  • How do I make an initial referral?
  • There are a number of ways to start a Centre 404 club or group, these include:

    Self-referral – Parents and carers or adults with a Learning Disability can make an initial referral simply by calling Centre 404 on 0207 697 1324, email either Katy or James at Centre404…. Or visit the L&L office,  and completing the initial referral form.

    Referral via relevant professionals – Referrals can also come from Social workers, Schools and colleges (in particular Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators), from the Families Support services at Centre 404 or any other relevant professional known to the family.

  • What do I need to know to make a referral?
  • The referral form is a double sided A4 page, it records some basis information including name, date of birth, address, contact phone numbers, as well as information regarding the support needs of any potential member, for instance their ways of communicating and any medical diagnosis. The last question on the form is for any additional information regarding the person being the referred, this is a chance for families to provide any additional relevant information not covered in the form so far. For instance the other services a person receives (or lack of other services), or any issues with the health or wellbeing of the parents or carers. This additional information can be up dated after the initial form is completed. This information is taken into consideration when allocating places.


  • What is your policy on data protection?
  • Our policy can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here


  • Can you help me fill in disability forms in relation to the person I care for?
  • Yes, please contact the Supporting Families team to arrange an appointment:

    020 7697 1336  for family carers of a person with a learning disability including autism in the North of London.

    Alternatively you can email us on family@centre404.org.uk


  • How can I access services from the Centre 404 Family Support Team?

    All family carers are able to contact us directly either in person, by email family@centre404.org.uk or over the phone by calling: 020 7697 1336 


  • Is there a charge for your service?
  • No, our services are free to all family carers.

  • What is a Personal Budget?

    A Personal Budget is the amount of money available to spend on meeting the care needs of the person you care for. A Personal Budget can be spent in any way, as long as it’s legal and doesn't present a risk, and meets the outcomes identified in the support plan.


  • What services do you provide for family carers?

    Support, information and advocacy on an individual basis

    Regular social activities, throughout the year open to family carers and the people they care for

    Coffee mornings and social opportunities

    Home visiting service

    Carers groups

    Carers consultation groups

    Weekly drop in sessions


    For more information on support for families please click here.



  • How can I be referred for this service?
  • You can contact us directly or you can ask your care manager to contact us for you.

  • How much does it cost to find a support worker?
  • The cost of this service will vary depending on what is involved in your package but it will be approximately £15-£18 per hour.

  • What can you support me with?
  • We offer a range of services including:

    a) Support with daily living needs: personal care, domestic tasks, access to health services, social activities, maintaining friendships and with finances, benefits and maintaining tenancies

    b) Coordination of support

    c) Employment of staff, induction, training, supervisions, team meetings, payroll

    d) Developing support plans and risk assessments

    e) Management of budget as an ISF

    f) Group activities to pool a budget with others


  • Are there any job opportunities for Centre 404 volunteers?
  • It depends on the kind of role you want to do.

    If you volunteer supporting someone as a buddy or a group as a clubs assistant for 6 months or longer, you will have the opportunity to apply for our Bank Support Worker role which we recruit for every couple of months.

    We have very limited admin positions.

  • How can volunteering benefit me?
    • You could gain new skills and knowledge which could benefit your studies or help you with moving into a new career or job. Volunteering looks great on a CV as it shows commitment and dedication.
    • You could get involved with a friendly local group and feel like you’re really giving back to a community of people who really appreciate your time and dedication.
    • Centre 404 is very welcoming and a great place to make new friends and give you something to do if you have some time to spare.
  • I want to volunteer for Centre 404. What should I do?
  • Please download a joining form below and fill it in and return it to carlag@centre404.org.uk. Once I receive your form, I will be in contact within two weeks. Please look in the opportunities section to see the kind of roles we have available and think about what kind of thing you’d like to do.

    Volunteering joining form

  • What roles are available for me?
  • Take a look at the

    Volunteer page

    for current roles.

    People could choose to work with people or work in the office. We have supported roles for people with learning disabilities including our

    Garden volunteer


    Hospitality volunteer


  • Will I have any access to training?
  • Yes. As a volunteer you will be added to our training mailing list which is sent out every two months or so. You can also tell the Volunteer Coordinator what training you would like to attend.